LOTD: Furni 1

Well, I decided to give blogging furni a go. And here it is. I am not gunna lie, this was torture. I love decorating and preparing new houses. But to feel satisfied enough to blog this literally took me a week. I couldn’t decide on what i wanted to go here, what i should do with the other room. Omg. So. Much. Stress. lol

Anyway my first struggle was deciding on the house. I was tossing up between the Tribly house and the Neva captains Cottage, because ofcourse both are done by the amazing Scarlet Creative. But i decided to just go with the Neva captain. Than it was trying to decide whether or not i wanted a dining room, a bathroom, blah blah blah. I think i’ll just show you. Enjoy.

House – Scarlet Creative – Neva’s Captain house
Dome – Turnip’s Homes – Turnips Sky Dome 2.0
Bike – Tartessos Arts – City Bicycle
Flora – [We’re Closed], *E&M*, *SweetRevolutions*, Other bits and piece found on MP

*Parts inside of the house have been modified, Please check demo before purchase*

Hanging Seat – PILOT – Larkin Set
Drawers – Zigana
Pots – Second Spaces – English pots
Light bottle – Tarte. – Wine Light
Table – Zigana – Table 234
Pulley – Kari – Pulley+Rope
Book – Floorplan – The Great Gatsby Book
Planks – Scarlet Creative – Spare Planks

Art – Onemind – Woman
Fireplace – The Loft – Mathis
Wood – Apple Fall – Woodstock
Bookcase – Alouette – Georgia Bookcase

Blinds – Lisp – Mesh wide blinds
Table set – CheekyPea – Likeable things
Lillies – The Loft
Side table – CheekyPea – Quiet Nights TV unit
Arrows – Apple Falls – Arrow Collection

*Where the bookcase stands used to be a fireplace designed with the house. Please check demo of house before purchase.*


Moosehead – Flightless
Curtains – Nordari – Beige Curtains
Side Table – LISP – Anna cabinet
Art – The Loft – New York Bus Scroll
Newspaper stand – Bazar
Rug – Bazar – Rug02
Armchair – Zigana – .Sheep

Oars – Apple Falls – Boat Oars (Gatcha Item)
Basket – PILOT – Rolled Paper Rack
Couch – Trompe Loeil – Ashdon Couch with Blanket
Table – floorplan. –  Pallet coffee table
Decor – Trompe Loeil//Kuro


Kitchen – Bazar – Toronto
Fridge – Bazar – Retro Fridge
Hanging pots – [Tia] –  Ladder Pot Hanger
Ladder Lights – Kuro – Ladder Lamp
Window lights – Kuro – String lights
Fallin chair – [*Art Dummy!] – Vintage stool.
Stool – *Y’s HOUSE* – Garden High Stool
Extra Chalkboard – No longer avail
Fruit basket – The Loft – Steel Fruit Basket
Coffee Machine – vespertine- home espresso machine
Decor – LISP//Artdummy// Standby.inc//TheLoft//TARTESSOS ARTS//Bitter.Vanilla//Agoralounge

TV – CheekyPea – Quiet Nights TV unit
Curtain – LeeZu! – Pearl Curtain (Gatcha Item)
Corner Light – Scarlet Creative – Autumn Reclaim Lamp
Rug – Apple Fall – Jute Natural Rug
Floor Light – 7 – Bulb light
Wires – *Second Spaces* – geeky powerstrip with cords
Aitari – 11th Hour – Retro Gaming Console
Nintendo – [Stank] – NES Console
Videos – Apple Fall – VHS Tapes
Jax – The Loft – Jacks Dark Iron
Book – floorplan. – Open heart book
Lounge Pillows – Apple Fall –  EVELYN Throw Cushions

Couch – The Loft – Roxy Slipper
Toys -*MishMash* – Princess Donut//Mr.Spoon
Records – floorplan. – Record shelf
Decor – Secondspace//Floorplan.//CheekyPea//Sari-Sari
Shelves – Bazar – Toronto Arts&Crafts
Lights – (TokiD) – francis lights & Kuro – Pipe Lights
Art – Was found on Google and just added into a random frame.
Chair – MudHoney Navy Cafe Chair
Computer – Bazar – Toronto Computer
Camera – Aitui – Sweiss Cam

Canvas – *ionic* – canvas trees
Pillow Crate – MudHoney – Wheeled Pillow Crate
Locker – floroplan. – the optometrist’s locker
Rug – The Loft – Ikat Rug
Decor – Bazar//LISP//DAHaus//PILOT//Kuro

Wood Plank – 7 – Heart painted door
Light – Apple Fall – Edi’s Lamp
Bed – PILOT – Tufted Leather Bed
Shelf – PILOT – Haywood Pipe Shelf
Birds – Culprit Furniture – Duckies
Trunk – Culprit Furniture – Old Travel Trunk Sepia
Turtle plant – ISON HOME – fatty turtle
Guitar – Culprit Furni – Acoustic
Bear – .Birdy. – Snow Cub
Armchair – Culprit – Retro Chair
Decor – UBU//DECO//Fletcha//Ritz//Floorplan.//LISP//TARTESSOS ARTS//[LOVE RE ME]//ionic//vespertine

*Bedroom was once a sauna room. Floor has/was edited with a floor added. Please check demo before purchase*

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