LOTD 114


Yes, still on a hiatus. RL is so stressful though, needed some kind of escape. Also missed a few people, even if we talk outside of sl, it’s never the same as hanging out in world.
So, I’m kinda back for a week or so, but then I’m away to Ohio, and until June I’ll be avoiding SL again as I don’t finish college until then, but thought I’d get some posts in while I’m back. Missed me? Hah.



Head: Viss – Bunny [I’m wearing a Hello Grymmy mod.]
Hair: Rosy Mood – Lyra 2 + Lcky – Harime
Ears: Trap – Ripped Ears
Hands + Legs: Utilizator – Avatar 2.0
Tail: Lemon Tea – Drakodaimonen Tail


Gloves: Utilizator – Fingerless Gloves [Compatible with 2.0 avatar only.]
Upper Arms: The Abyss – Taken from – Cropped Bomber Jacket [Not available anymore.]
Upper Arms: Utilizator – Taken from – TCC – Black
Shirt: Shi – Ripped Tank [Lux Exlusive – I don’t know how old this is, or whether it’s available anywhere anymore. Yay for impulse buys.]
Shorts: Utilizator – Shorts [Compatible with 2.0 avatar only.]
Stockings: Utilizator – Stockings [Compatible with 2.0 avatar only.]
Boots: Miamai – Tinker Taylor Boots – Glare Assault – Female


Hat: Blue Galaxy – Nomnom Hat
Star: Nore – Spinny Star
Bones: Random Matter – Bonehead [Now by Hex Appeal?]
Collar: Random Matter – Creepy Crawler Necklace [Still by random matter.]
Necklace: Dead Apples – Antlers Chain – Carbon
Mask: Contraption – Xenia’s Visor
Backpack: Pixel Heart – Mesh Backpack
Leg Strap: DL – Battle Kit
Knee Pad: Cargo – Knee Pads
Leg Wings: TSG – Cupids Wing

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