Skin: Tableau Vivant – Echo – Mortui [We <3 RP]
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Viking Hair + The Feather and Dreadlock from – Tableau Vivant – Nyoki Hair [We <3 RP]
Ears: Trap – Ripped Ears 
Horns: DRD – Spikes Horns Silver [At the mainstore, limited numbers available!]
Arms: GW – Cybernetic Arms 
Feet: Glam Affair – Homme – Vanity Feet – Bracers – White


Jacket: Trap – Spiked Coat – White – Open [The collar and shoulders come with the Jacket.]
Trousers: Pumpkin – Patched Skinnies – Red
Skirt: Defectiva – Original Sin – Pride – Pelvis
Tattoo: Hod – Sanvean – Torso Paint – White


Mask: Contraption – Xenias Visor 
Goggles: Contraption – Officials Goggles – Hooligan 
Crown: Contraption – Glaze Of Winter
Small Necklace: Random Matter – Fell – Necklace – Silver [Fantasy Gacha]
Longer Necklace: Flightless – The Stag Necklace – War [Old Gacha Fair item.]
Bag: Biomechanoid – The Backpack
Elbow Pads: Sys – Darkside Elpads
Upper Arm: Pixicat – Metal Armband

If it doesn’t have an slurl, then the store doesn’t exist anymore.

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