So. In the 3+ years I’ve been on-and-off blogging, I’ve never really been sponsored by anybody. I mean, I’ve a few friends who are generous and gift me things sometimes (thankyou all <3), and I’ll almost always blog them, but I’ve never been an official blogger for a store….

Until now!! :D
Yeah, that’s right, I’m now an official blogger for both Random Matter and Nox! Yaaaay! This makes me over-the-moon happy because I always wear Nox cosmetics and Random Matter accessories, so it’s really a huge honour for me to now be an official blogger for you guys. So yes, this post is really just me trying to show off some of the current items out by both of the stores, and for my to express my huge gratitude to these stores and my friends who spoil me!


Skin: Glam Affair – Romy – Arctic

Eyes: Buzzeri – Voodoo Eyes – Siren

Brows: Nox – Taylor Brows – Black

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Hill – Dread Series

Bag: Z day – Wanderer Day Pack – Worn out

Shotgun: Z day – Retro Shotgun

Elpads: Sys – Darkside – Elpads – Skull

Hands: Neurolab – ev3 Android Hand

Goggles: Contraption – Scrappers Goggles

Skirt: Deco – Her Tutu – Licorice

Lip Piercing: HV – Inque

Nose Ring: Random Matter – Sanza Nose Chain – Black [Modded]

Collars: Random Matter – Lordis Collar 1 + Lordis Collar 2 – Black

Second Necklace: Random Matter – Fell Necklace – Silver

Third Necklace: Random Matter + Buzzeri – Arya Necklace – Black

Forth Necklace: Random Matter – Rhiannon Necklace – Black/Black

Head Band: Random Matter – Lordis Headband – Black

Antlers: Random Matter – Eleri Antlers – Blue

Halo: Random Matter – Deucalion Halo

Bracers: Random Matter – Baratheon Bracers – Black

Earrings: Random Matter – Abaddon Earrings – Black

Planet: Random Matter – Aqua Box for Beks <3 [Huge love for you doing this bbyg! <3]

Eye Bags: Nox – Eyebags – Light

Cheek Makeup: Nox – Notice Me – Playful Black

Forehead: Nox – Lucilla – Forehead

Ears: Gauze – Mythic Ear


Thanks everyone <3


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