Snapshot_001 (2)


SkinGlam Affair – Romy *America*
BrowsNox. – Banshee Brows
MouthLoud Mouth – Alli Closed
EyesBuzzeri – Mysteria Eyes
EyeshadowsNox. – Iri *Slate
Buzzeri – Royale Liner
TattooLil Pricks – Kismet
Nox. – Eira Circlet
Hand/FeetSlink – Gesture/High
HairMoon – Spit at stars


BraKio-Kio – Bitch Bra
SkirtBLOKC – Slit High skirt
ShoesReign – Alloy Heels


HatSpellbound – Hexahat
CollarRandom Matter – Lordis Collar v2
HarnessSpellbound – Cult Harness
BeltRandom Matter – Jace Belt
BraceletRandom Matter – Baratheon Bracers

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