Beks? Where are you?!

This is just a quicky, and I hope Mar doesn’t mind me posting this. (If you do, my love, just delete it, I won’t be upset!)
As a lot of you may know, I’m currently in university, studying Photography. It’s great fun, but very intense, so I’ve not really had the time to come online and see all of you wonderful people. I do miss secondlife, and the world surrounding it, but I have to put my education first!
I have, however, started a real life blog. It doesn’t really include images, or at least, not yet, but it is kind of interesting? It’s basically just my random ramblings on a daily basis, and if you’d like some interesting reads, feel free to go and check it out! It’s a kind of insight to my weird and wonderful mind!
Click Here to check out my blog!

I’m sure I’ll be back into the virtual world of Secondlife around Christmas time (if not a little before, and I will continue to do the odd secondlife blog.), have a wonderful winter guys!
Much Love,

P.S I love you so much Mar <3


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