Bleak LOTD 225.png


HairModulus – Warren – Upper
Face TattooThe White Crow – Mildred (We <3 Roleplay)
Eye{S0ng} – Fantasy ~ Snow Eye
Tattoo.Inhale. – Deathless
Finger & Toe NailsCerberusXing – Broken Claws & Broken Talons (Bloody) (Epiphany)


ShirtKEZENN – Street style T-Shirt w/ Hoodie
PantsCerberusXing – Harem Pants (Duotone/Black)


HornsCerberusXing – Decaying Horn Dark (Dark Rust) (Epiphany)
CharmsCURELESS [+] – Ofuda Charms / Akuryou Taisan III & IV (Ubume x Origami)
Septum PiercingCerberusXing – Menace
Drool*kata0nik* – Drool Black – LobAutumny Gacha
Collar CerberusXing – Heavy Duty Collar (Modified)
CuffsCerberusXing – Decaying Cuff (Light Rust) (Epiphany)
Tail[Contraption] & CerberusXing – Devil’s Tail Pack II (Romp)

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